The Team

To make such an extraordinary event, we need an equally extraordinary team.


Declan Hilder


Warning: Always hungry

Reason for Incarceration: Eating the forbidden fruit

Demands for Convention: Nobody dies #riskmanagement


Elif Stoneman

Deputy Convenor

Warning: Used to be a magician

Reason for (Re)Incarceration: Houdini escape from prison

Demands for Convention: Tim Minchin <3

Kris Nand

Deputy Convenor

Warning: Doggo obsessed

Reason for Incarceration: Letting the dogs out

Demands for Convention: Nuggs for lunch erryday

cutmypic (5)

Eliza Walker


Warning: Kills at quiz nights

Reason for Incarceration: Insta-stalking

Demands for Convention: Nap breakouts



Sebastian Wilkinson

Warning: Still celebrating Kevin ’07

Reason for Incarceration: Finishing a whole woolies mudcake in one sitting

Demands for Convention: Get Shannon Noll & Guy Sebastian to perform and we decide the winner

Tom Webster

Warning: Drinks cascade lager in place of water

Reason for Incarceration: Not sharing the secret for his long locks

Demands for Convention: For everyone to make new friends #wholesome



Toby Pointon

Warning: Is a wizard

Reason for Incarceration: Stole 20 cents off dad’s bedside table

Demands for Convention: Compulsory Convention-wide Kahoot quizzes



Leesa Green

Warning: Was a ski instructor

Reason for Incarceration: Tasting grapes before buying them

Demands for Convention: That it snows!



Alannah Murray

Warning: Has touched the Nobel Peace Prize

Reason for Incarceration: Fraud (not even Tasmanian)

Demands for Convention: Publication of a guide for ratio of alcohol:caffeine consumption for optimal BAC, stamina and bowel movements

Amy Nguyen

Warning: Extreme procrasti-baker

Reason for Incarceration: Baking diabetes-inducing cakes

Demands for Convention: Cake for every meal #cakevention



Emma Shoemaker

Warning: Born in the USA, defected to Australia as a child

Reason for Incarceration: Murder of the dance floor

Demands for Convention: Secure the Guinness World Record for largest speed dating event

Liam Virtue

Warning: Can skoll a beer

Reason for Incarceration: Attempting to sing chandelier

Demands for Convention: Zero bar queues



Allanah Greer

Warning: Scared of swings

Reason for Incarceration: Too much sass

Demands for Convention: Skydiving at Wineglass Bay as day-trip

Brit Kay

Warning: Kiwi gal

Reason for Incarceration: During a med interview – let it slip that she loves tramping (NZ for hiking)

Demands for Convention: Ken Jeong



Elyse Wilson

Warning: Got a tattoo overseas on a whim

Reason for Incarceration: Stealing all of the dogs from the shelter

Demands for Convention: Bungee jumping off the Sports Day venue

Luke Dimsey

Warning: Thinks dogs are overrated

Reason for Incarceration: Fought with a rubix cube and lost

Demands for Convention: Jelly wrestling

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