Into The Fires Below

Sunday night social

7 July 2019

To greet you when you journey south we’ll be kicking off our week of scintillating socials on Sunday night, so brace yourself for a baptism of fire as we take you “Into the Fires Below.”


Descend past the burning pits with caution as through the gates, awaits, the fiery inferno of our Convention underworld. Fearsome foes may lurk in the darkness so watch out as the banished below now surface from the flames.. They say the devil is in the detail but tonight he might just be walking amongst us. In this waking nightmare the monster from under your bed may finally grab you (consensually of course), your worst fear may be realised, and warning, you may see dead people.

We can’t wait to feel the burn with you because this party will be lit.

See you there and till next time, stay social!

Poster coming soon

Queens of the Screen

Tuesday night social

9 July 2019

On Tuesday you’ll need to clean yourself up, don the tux and heels because we’ll be in company of royalty. Join us and come walk the red carpet alongside the ‘Queens of the Screen.’


We’re having a night at the cinema! Someone grab the popcorn and freshen that breath because you might be in for true love’s first kiss. Travel back in time and have Breakfast at Tiffany’s or fan girl over Marilyn before coming Back to the Future to your Netflix favourite. During this movie madness the stars of the silver screen surround you at every turn, be they animated friends or from a time the world ends, rom com classics or something Jurassic, tonight Convention is screening them all! We’re just going la la about the possibilities.

Plus, somewhere over the rainbow you might find other queens strutting their stuff, because we’re not in Kansas anymore. Whether you’re a queen of the desert, drag race or dance floor this is the night for you!

Note. You shall not pass(out) but if you do, E.T phone welfare. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

More reveals coming soon!

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